CAPT Artists represents and manages international live musicians whose scope knows no bounds. An evolving sphere of contemporary, electronic music, indie and jazz.

We are a team of passionate music loving people who love what we do & the artists we represent. We always strive to grow with those amazing musicians, every step of the way throughout their careers.

CAPT works with artists in a very close way. It’s all about mutual ideas and pursue the same goals: amazing projects and having a strong and lasting relationship. We also have this approach when working with venues, promoters, labels and any other company we partner with. We use our experience and past success to forge ahead into new territory and discover new opportunities. In an industry that changes rapidly, standing still is moving backwards and past success don’t necessarily equate to future ones but due to a close relation with all participants of the music industry, CAPT Artists creates an environment which allows creative souls to grow.


Beyond offset flights, our goal is to harness the influence of Music Culture to power climate solutions and generate action. We strive to give our artist tolls and opportunities to use their craft and visibility to engage our community in the climate crises.  In addition Capt Artists supports the Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, which  aims to reduce the use of single plastics in clubs