El Mundo & Zazou

El Mundo /
El Mundo & Zazou


Berlin, Germany


DJ / Live






“I want to travel through the ears of my listener straight into his or her heart. To transmit my own emotions – that’s how my sound works.”

For more than 15 years, El Mundo has been around DJing and, in his own words, “showing his soul to his audience”. After teaming up with Satori in 2007 and making his first steps in producing, in 2012 he picked up his solo project again. A deeper and in certain ways more
mature sound emerged from this journey. Several releases on reknown labels have proven his sense for the right momentum in music.

His interest in spirituality and that for El Mundo, everything he does needs to have a connection to his feelings, make his music so special and soulful. He creates a wholesome vibe on the dancefloor which takes the audience on a journey. For El Mundo, everything is
connected: People, nature, animals.

He is focussing not only not only focus on his own growth, but also the growth of people around him. That reflects in people simply having a thrilling good time on the dancefloor every time he steps behind the decks.