Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Forma stems from the union of Juan Hansen & Pablo Bursztyn as an experimental electronic duo based in Buenos Aires.Genre and style, considered as the form of music, are Forma’s materiality. Ever expanding its boundaries, Forma subverts the listeners expectations. Juan’s electronic background fuses with the experimental spirit of Pablo’s musical search to create an eclectic trip exhausting one mood at a time. Forma makes their intentions known from the off, as they take the listener on an emotive and harmonic smoke-screened journey accented by warped synthesisers, haunting vocals and a playful mixture of subdued four-four beats and elastic rhythmic triplets. Toying with aural imperfections and melodic disarray throughout, Forma’s work honours emotional ambiguity and harmonic dissonance, cultivating a sound that can be equally euphoric as it can be melancholic. Within this ambiguity, Forma find a place to liberate themselves from instrumental boundaries, creating landscapes that value coincidence, intriguing sound choices and a degree of sonic unpredictability.