Saint is


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Live / Band





Saint Is brings together Santiago Garcia, Santiago Franch and Juan Hansen for a new project, combining electronic production, acoustic instruments and vocalists.

The Argentinian artists combine their love for fluid live performance, emotive crescendos and telling a story with their music. It’s a move away from the club in some respects, at least for artists whose acclaimed DJ careers have seen them individually release on leading, melodic techno labels like Innervisions or Suara. With Santi Is, the tempos vary and the focus shifts to analog sounds, traditional musicianship and the all-important chemistry between their two minds.

The band takes in classic songwriter and indie influences, weaving them around downbeat house rhythms. The vocals of Juan Hansen are deeply affecting and the beats uplifting, songs to soundtrack a sunset or intimate moments on a dance floor. The duo will perform live together with singers, translating the feeling they have in the studio into real-life magic.